Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nanay Iam and Himig (Mother and Daughter Matching Fashion)

Himig is growing up so talkative (and smart!) I love being around her and dressing her up. Since she was a baby, I know it's been a struggle to let her pose at the camera. Candid is our best shot to capture moments (and outfits).  Until I noticed she posed better and smiled a lot when I'm with her. That realization rekindled an old love for fashion blogging and photography. Then #nanayiamandhimig hashtag was born. I started looking for similar outfits from our closet until it became a weekend tradition (and obsession :P) Gotta take the opportunity to dress her up the way I like until she makes her own fashion choices. We love playing dress up every weekend. The challenge now is to spice up an outfit that would both tailored a mom as well as a toddler style.

Sharing some of our favorites:

1.)  I super dooper love florals. This floral coat and collared top is a perfect combination. I also love how the black socks made an illusion of a knee high boots (Yes, we are just wearing ankle boots and simple maryjanes :))

floral blazers and collared top: Little Royalty PH
Himig's shorts: Laila and Lyra
Himig's shoes: Payless Shoesource
Iam's shorts: Stradivarius
Iam's Boots: Aldo

2. )  Love how we were matching but not really matching in these dresses. Same floral print in different colors. The pop of marsala red added the extra "oommpp" to the ensemble while the black jackets toughen the sweetness of the florals.

Himig's dress: Celestine Amabelle
Himig's hat and jacket: H&M
Himig's boots: Sugarkids
Iam's jacket and hat: Landmark
Iam's sandals: H&M
Iam's Dress: 

3.) Matching cape dresses and gladiators? Nuff said :)

Cape dresses: Mode De Soleil

4.) Dreamy laces in a stylish off shoulder with dropped sleeves are a must in a dainty girl's closet.

  Lace dresses: The Beautifulcache

5.) Halloween is no excuse to strut a matching outfit

                                                    DIY Buzz Lightyear costume

6.)  Marsala red and laces are obviously favorites

         Skirts: Laila and Lyra
Himig's top: Baby Etc
Iam's top: Landmark

7.) Florals in Maxis = 

Hi-low floral Maxi dresses: Chichigirlscloset

8:)  Halter and Maxis in these fall colors.

halter maxi dresses: Mhyrtle Kids

 9.) Riverdale Cheerleaders

Cropped Tops: Deardanielle Project

10.)  Denim and Neoprene combination is such a challenge to pull off specially for none sneakers kinda gals like us. But this outfit is so much fun to play with.

Neoprene Skirts: Celestine Amabelle

11.)    Glittered shirts and tutus are every queen and lil queen's essentials.

    Shirts: Deardanielle Project

12.) Fluffy fluffy Princess floral dresses  I hope we can have a better capture of these beauties. Made my birthday more special.

13.)  White dresses in parade prints added to the vintage look of these captures.

14.)   Black accents really stood out in this shorts, choker and glads number.

Floral shorts: The Beautiful Cache
Choker Necklace: Franc and Andie

15.)  This baby feels a bit uncomfy with off shoulders so we were glad that venus cut still works with this light blue gingham. Paired with white laces, it is definitely a match made in heaven :)

Blue gingham blouse: Greatkids

There, there...  It was really a struggle to choose just 15 cause we love them all. Here's to hoping we could keep this weekend tradition till Himig is 18 (haha!). 

Keeping this blog updated every weekend with our Mommy and Me style diary as well as some of our Play and Learn activities :)

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Himig's Sensory Table Experience

 Hello :)

How's your summer so far? Himig and I are enjoying our time together for 3 weeks now. 3 more weeks before I officially go back to work again so I'm making sure we spend meaningful time together. I guess that is always every working mom's dilemma.  The feeling of guilt that we never get to spend enough time with our babies. Time is always of the essence. As Himig grows up, I learned that she enjoys the toys not because they are new or expensive. She enjoys them because we play with them together.  So here I am, scouting for more learning and play activities for us to enjoy.

She's 2. A terrific two, who loves to explore and use her senses. Therefore, sensory bins are perfect!

I looked for an affordable sensory table for her. The cheapest I found is around 2000php. Thinking she'll just outgrow it, I searched for DIY solutions. The costing of wooden ones are around 1500-1800, close enough for the store bought one. Till I found out PVC pipes can act as stand too.  YEY!

So after a couple of measurements, here's our DIY sensory table, after spray painting.
Total cost: 400++ :)

Judging by her reaction, this sensory table activity is a success. 
Bubbles+Water+Food Color+Extra Pipes + Funnels = Eye-Hand coordination galore!

Since she enjoyed the water so much, we tried the "Rainbow Rice" bin after a couple of days.

Quiet hesitant to use rice for this project cause I dont want to imply that we are playing with food when other people are getting hungry. But this is the easiest to dye and the texture is amazing. Justifying that, unlike water, this sensory bin can be use over and over (I used food coloring and vinegar for longer shelf life) for about 6 mos. So my 32php 1kilo rice is worth it :) 

I added plastic letters and invited "Peppa and George" for some rainbow bath time.
We invited each letter as we played

 Nothing but pure FUN!

                                See that smile? Weee! My Teacher-Nanay hear is so happy :) 

Looking forward to more learning and fun times with my tot :)