Friday, July 6, 2012

And yes I am back!... BACK HOME :)

Hello everyone!

After all the rollercoaster ride, I finally have a little spare time to update this blog. To make the looongg story short, Yes, I am back in preschool :)

I am also back in my morning coffee cutting sessions, colorful weekly plans, and activity marathons. But this time, I am slowly learning to manage my time (as in slowly kasi may pending things to do parin :p) so I wouldn't have as much work to do at home.

It all ended up to what I am really happy to do - That is, to be around kids, be like them for a time and to somehow know how it feels to be a parent- to not just one, but 16 kids, all at the same time.

It's not always easy, in fact, it's not easy at all. For the first time in my whole teaching career, I had an encounter with a parent that wasn't as pleasing as before. Good thing back in Nest , when issues like this happened, we teachers share techniques on how to handle it as gracefully as possible. After a short conversation with the parent, everything's all good now :). I realized that being a parent is like having your heart out of your body. That equates to doing everything in your power to protect your child. It was a learning experience for me not just as a teacher but as a parent ( in the future) as well :)

Then, as I like to always emphasize, there is always a positive side in everything. In my years of teaching, I received quiet a handful of messages from parents that moved me to tears. Makes me feel that I my paycheck is worth a million bucks :)

Dear Teacher Iam,
Thank you Teacher for the weekly update. I have this mixed emotions everytime I open your email... Nervous, "ano nanaman kaya kalokohan ng anak ko?", excited, I always show her your newsletter, kilala ko na yata lahat ng classmates niya and the people who assisted her sa cr sa pagwash ng hands, etc., then proud... kahit super kulit ni P** she makes you and her classmates happy naman pala and that she doesnt get herself into trouble (thinking of the time out e, ngiiiii...) Naku we danced all the songs from the Learning Tree cd.  Kakaaliw that she knows all the actions. Hehehe. She loves you sooo much and her "bebes" in school. Shes very eager to go to school everyday, even on a weekend gusto pa din niya mag school.  Sabi ko na lang, saturday is clean up day and sunday you go to church and rest at home just like me.  Thank you sooo much Teacher for giving P** the best head start in her school adventure.  Now I am secured that she will always love school because of her experience with you.  And thank you too for being a good sample to me.  I felt so secured when I received your 1st note that we can reach you anytime.  I am always hesitant to do that with my parents in C** but now that I know how it feels... Im trying my best to be more connected with them.
Praying for your good health always and continued happiness (yihiii)!😍
Much love,
Mommy C**


Hi teacher Iam!
Thanks for these.  We really enjoy reading your newsletters and looking at the pictures of the class. L** definitely looks forward to G******* every weekday and I am glad he is making progress.  Sabi nga niya (more than once ha!) "I looooove g*******!" We'll practice tracing some more!  :)
Thanks again,


I know I dont have all the luxuries in life that money can buy. But this kind of "happy heart moments"are rare ones that only a few get to experience.

I am lucky
I am blessed

I am sure you have your own moments like this in your life too. Make an effort to find it everyday. You'll be surprise on how amazing it will make you feel :)

Sunny Side Up!

<3 iam