Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On floral (Day 2)

Visited lots of places in Baguio and Benguet  in Day 2. I assumed that it's gonna be cold so I wore my thrifted leather jacket to balance the girliness of my floral top, tassel earrings and red bow shoes. The coldness was bearable enough without the jacket so I decided to remove it later on. 
I dont get to experience an "outdoor centralized aircon" everyday anyways :p

floral top: Forever 21
bag: Liz Clairborne
flats: SM department store
tights: H&M
leather jacket: thrifted
sunnies: eye chanel

more Baguio photos coming up. :)
Enjoy the colors! (I really am enjoying them. Eye candies :))

<3 iam

City of Pines (Day 1)

Forgive me for raving about my Baguio trip for the past few weeks. I've never been with my highschool barkada for a long time and this trip is one of those moments where I can be somewhat highschool again. :p Not to mention, J joined the caravan (that means, double the fun!) Weeee! So here's a photodiary of what happened last Saturday when we started going around Baguio. The day was full of laughters, big revelations (Best Wishes Ria and Joey) and highschool all over again (blooper) moments.

(Mang Inasal lucnch- Camp John Hay- and 50's Diner gastronomic adventure)

Aren't the colors lovely? 

 If you're in Baguio, you should really try eating at 50's diner :) They offer big (Yummy!) servings for very affordable prices. My favorites are their chef salad for 90php (fresh veggie! woo!), vanilla milkshake for 75php (with vanilla ice cream) and their enormous 50's clubhouse (see photo below) for only 130 php (we ate it until the next day :p).

                                                           Outfit post and Day 2 coming up :)
                                                                          <3 iam

Monday, February 27, 2012

On floral (Day 1)

Spent the weekend with my highschool friends and J at Baguio. Perfect coffee and story weather :) Though there were lots of people, we still managed to enjoy the place and move around the city. Thanks again Ria for our accomodations.

Since it's the Panagbengga festival, I came up with floral outfits for the trip. This is what I wore during our Camp John Hay/50's Diner Baguio Saturday :)

blazer, bag and pants- thrifted
flats and shades- SM department store
corset top- Mon Petit Boudoir
necklace- Accessorize

wore my newly bought red beenie in a stall in Camp John Hay. I wanna try wearing red gloves with it but the gloves for sale were all too big for me. I saw an amazing tweed blazer at the Baguio bazaar (for only 380php) but decided to leave it behind. Now, I am still thinking bout it, I SUPER WANT IT (you know that feeling that you let a great deal pass and you cant sleep thinking bout it :p). Maybe next time.

All the more reason to go back to Baguio then. :)

<3 iam 

What kids will do with their money :)

Hello!, I am back from a fun weekend in Baguio and I have lots of photos (and stories) to share or to journal about.

While I am organizing my thoughts for that, I just wanna share with you this social experiment video about kids and money. I myself can relate to it so much. I will probably be included in 1/100. :p Made me realized that it's indeed time to save up (I guess even on thrift finds) :)

Enjoy! Hope you learn as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dance With Me

Top: Thrifted
Shorts: Landmark
Necklace: Random Bazaar
Sunnies: SM Accessories
Flats: Solemate

Attended our family reunion with J last Sunday. Indeed a day of many firsts :p (will blog all about it in a different post) Came up with a simple breezy outfit. I love how the necklace added to the overall vintage-y look. :) 

Weekend is coming. Can't wait.

Hope you're having a productive week :)

<3 iam

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rare Weekday Moment

first photo c/o lakastama.com

Once in a blue moon weeknight dinner at Mister Kebab West Ave.

This is my 2nd time to eat here (first time with cousins and sisters). J wanted something spicy, so the place is perfect. Though the place isn't airconditioned, the cool breeze was enough to make us feel comfortable. We were greeted with their friendly staff and they immediately offered us seats. Ordered Shawarma plate (90 php) and Beryani Rice (40 php) for J. I ordered the Special Beef Chelo Kebab (145 php). The beef loin is sooo good! Love their unlimited garlic/onion sauce (comes in plain and spicy). I also love the fresh vegetables with the beef cutlets. Parang gusto mo na talaga ng pita wrap, shawarmang shawarma na!. We had a great dining experience. Plus the price is reasonable enough (prices ranging from 90-180php per dish) Great choice for our rare weekday dinner together (because we have different lives  schedule during weekdays) 

Did some leather jacket window shopping after. Sayang! my cam's battery died down just when I am about to take outfit shots. But I am excited to show you my fashion thrift finds for our Baguio trip next weekend (insert super dooper excited voice here). 

That will be my much needed vacation (and thinking time)
I really can't wait! :)

Happy weekend again guys, 
<3 iam

Young at heART

February 10, 2012
Art with heart at the Nest grounds :)

My favorites all in one day- Lots of Colors, Kids, Hearts, and of course my J :)

Off shoulder top- Kashieca
high-waisted pants- Forever 21
heart earrings- random bazaar

love love my class

proud of their artworks

with teacher 

Lunch with J at Jay-j's inasal 
(love their spacious and vibrant interiors)

adobo flakes

Chili wings 

compulsary vain shot (we should ask someone to take our picture next time :p) 

sweets at Dunkin

pretty much "all in a day's work" kind of  stuff :) 

Life's simple pleasures. :)

hope you're enjoying the weekend!

<3 iam