Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And the reason is...YOU!

Found this article on the web from College Fashion

Reasons why girls (in this case: college students)  need to dress up.

I am pretty sure you agree on at least 1 or maybe all of these statements :P  So here, Im sharing this to all of you :) Highlighted my faves!


  • Because life’s too short to blend in. Don’t settle for average. 
  • Because you’re only young once. You’re way more gorgeous than you know & have a fabulous body you’ll one day look back on and wish you had! Take advantage now and show off how fabulous you can be. 
  •  Because fashion is a method of self expression. What are you trying to say? 
  •  Because you never know who you’ll run into. Brad Pitt at the grocery store? Hey, stranger things have happened. 
  • Because it obviously annoys some people (like the guy who asks why YOU are so dressed up). The fact that it annoys them so much is all the more reason to keep doing it. 
  • Because you never know, there’s always a chance you could get snapped by The Sartorialist (or maybe the girls over at Street Spotted)! 
  • Because you deserve to look your best at all times. 
  • Because you’ll never improve your sense of style if your default look is “I give up”. Yes, that was a Seinfeld reference. 
  •  Because dressing up helps you weed out friends who don’t love you for you. If they have a problem with the way you dress, they’re not the kind of friends you want around. 
  •  Because cute clothes and accessories are a great conversation starter. Wear something fabulous and people will ask you where you got it. 
  • Because parties aren’t the only time to celebrate. 
  • Because that fabulous party dress in your closet cost too much to only be worn once. Remember cost per wear? 
  • Because it’s fun! 
  • Because even if you live in an “unstylish” city & are scared to dress up, cities don’t become stylish without someone going first. I know it sounds cheesy, but be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone else can follow your fabulous lead. 
  • Because dressing up helps you make fashion mistakes and get past them. Mistakes happen to everyone and that’s how you learn what not to do – get them out of the way now! 
  • Because it’s a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else. 
  • Because fashion is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. What artistic statement do you want to make? 
  • Because if you’ve got it (great style, killer confidence, amazing legs), it’s just wrong not to flaunt it. 
  • Because someday when you have a 9-5 corporate job and are required to wear business suits, you’re going to miss the freedom of dress you had in college. Experiment now! There’s no better time. 
  •  Because glamour isn’t only reserved for the rich and famous, even though maybe they’d like you to believe it is
  • Because Carrie Bradshaw would not approve of your sweatpants and UGG boots. You can do better than that. And deep down, you know I’m right. 
  •  Because dressing well means you don’t have to do your hair at all – you’ll have that ultra fabulous, slightly disheveled Kate Moss look. 
  • Because nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see. 
  • Because you want to. That’s the only reason that matters.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunny Side Up!

Last Saturday was one of the busiest Saturday of my life! Woke up at around 5:30 am. Ikay, (visit her blog here ), dete, obet and I was supposed to have our early driving practice by 6 but we ended up snoozing our alarm buttons. :p Woke up again at around 7 and quickly put on an outfit for our orientation at the Tutornetwork. One of the come-ons for us was the place of the orientation: Milky and Sunny resto in Pasig. I am a breakfast/morning person so this was surreal for me.I read about the place in twitter before and I immediately became a fan just by looking at the pictures.

We arrived quiet late but just in time for nitty gritty stuff of the orientation. We were immediately offered the menu. We decided to order one pancake and one rice meal so that we can taste both. Can't really decide what to order at first because we were a bit shy (kasi nga late kami! :p) I wanted to try out everything (In my mind: I'll come back here again and I'll try the sandwiches and eggs naman)

Here is what we ordered:
My hungarian sausage, egg and fried rice (Php 150)

dete's apple walnut pancakes (Php 150)

The orientation ended after few more slides. The ladies who started the company (Ms. Unna, Dang and Kat) were very warm and accommodating. A little exchange of stories with my co-tutors followed the orientation. The group smiled for last one group shot before the orientation formally ended.

Oh boy! We can't wait to get started!

After the orientation, I ordered a hungarian sausage meal for J. We took advantage of the waiting time by taking pictures of the place. It's an eye candy for me! The whole place is bursting with colors. Its an instant pucker up to your mornings :)

The fruit and cereal bar

... is represented by me and you.

I love this wall! I am in the process of making one for my room :p

Milky and Sunny (side up :p)

breakfast means: breaking the fast (fasting)

Went to the next door Moonleaf Tea Shop before we headed to our individual lakads that day.

A lot of walking and brain racking moments followed after, as I headed to MOA for my first step to my "life jumping" attempts this year. 3 hours of that stress and I am hungry again. (Thank you J for for waiting for me). Headed to Sbarro MOA to wrap up the loooong day.

GUESS WHAT? completely forgot to take outfit shots again! Wahhh I really need to get use to it. hahaha

I love Saturdays! I love my weekends :) Do you do too?

The Tutornetwork is still looking for tutors. Visit thetutornetwork.net for more details

Visit Milky and Sunny: All-day breakfast and comfort food at its finest only at the sunniest resto in the metro.
9 Briggy Hall, East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, 1603 Pasig, Philippines
Hours: Mon - Sun:7:00am-10:00 pm
Click here to download Milky and Sunny Menu

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bubba Lova :)

He is the baby of the family. He's my firsthand experience of being a teacher, the first one I greet when I get home. He kicks like a 7 year old, OC like an adult, and makes all of us laugh with his funny facial expressions.

He was my comfort zone during the days I felt that the world has turn its back on me.

Though he is masungit at times, I still think he is one of the sweetest boy in the world.

And as cliche as this may sound, time really flies so fast. The small boy we were all eager to carry is now 4!

Of course, we can't let this day pass without celebrating his birthday. To satisfy the boys' cravings (Ronn's and Ivan's) we went out for a late dinner at Dad's/Saisaki West Avenue. One of the best eat all you can buffet I've ever tasted. Our celebration was short (but sweet). Bought 4 small cakes for the birthday boy and ended the night with a song c/o the Resto's band.

Now for the Photo dump:

A quick outfit post: I am girly girly most of the time :)

Dress: Mint
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Jellybean

We love you Viggo! We all really really do.

Forever a Teacher

I am currently contemplating on a career change in the following months. Not because I dont like to teach anymore but just because I feel that at this time in my life, teaching is already my comfort zone, my line of expertise, my title. I need to get out of it for awhile (with a heavy heart) for me to grow more a little as a person. But everytime I think about it, the more unsure I get. Being with children makes the bad days not so bad, and the happy days, happier. It is impossible to be sad around them. And being the emotional-attached person that I am, deciding whether to leave or not is getting harder as the days go by.

I will surely gonna miss being around these kids. See? only 7 months together and I feel like I've been with them forever :p

first class picture, June 2011

And here they are now (1/20/12)

So the questions still remain. Should I jump? Will I fly?

Monday, January 23, 2012

We can dance, until we die...

We are Katy's super fans- We know her songs by heart and can dance through them like a child.

Imagine how excited we were when we found out that she's coming to Manila? We wouldnt miss her concert for the world.

I personally find her very child-like and I (SUPER!!!) adore the candy themed concert. (You know by now that I have this thing about colors right? :p) I love her voice (which is so flawless that we kinda argue if it's live or recorded). Nonetheless, it was WORTH the 2 freakin hours wait.

I love the beach balls/water pump/ and bazooka in the end. I love the breeze that night and most of all, I love the people I watched it with. :)

Till next time, Katy!

P.S. Wearing this pretty red polka dress from H&M which I didnt properly capture in pictures :( I shall make you shine next time then :)


She's so pretty!

Vain shot na kung vain shot! :p

with dete, teri, ronn, ivan, meg, rian, and geneve :)

All smiles after the concert :)))

Wrong move! I jumped and danced wearing my Charles and Keith heels. I ended up walking almost barefooted after the concert

It's almost 12am! Happy happy birthday Viggo! (next post will be about you!)
can you spot me? hahaha changing into my trusty flats (Di ko na talaga kaya! hahaha)


Leopard Print In Purple

My animal print addiction continues. Wore this semi-maxi dress during love love's lola's 87th birthday. Though, I didn't have any decent outfit picture :( even during Katy Perry's concert (which I will be blogging after this). I guess I have to really be initiating more on my outfit posts. I am really a people person and once I get to mingle with others I completely forget to take outfit shots :( Sayang naman my outfits (insert conyo voice here :p) hehe January seems to be going pretty well except for my career change plans. Pray for my enlightenment.

Ready for photo flood? 1,2,3.. GO!

How was your January so far?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heaven in Hebe Manila

pastel colored shoes,vintage bags, and outfits that will definitely rock your world: these things make Hebe Manila a store-to-watch-out-for this season :)

Wanna win fab items from Hebe like these?

Visit: http://ipaxme.blogspot.com/2012/01/de-2012-giveaway-series-hebe-manila.html for more details

I just did :)