Monday, April 29, 2013

Japanese Fever: Wrong Ramen and Nihon Bashitei

Jhopet and I admitted way before we got married that we dont have much in common. Well, except for the fact that we both love good food. Maybe the only difference is our choices over the quantity of food and the quantity of calories. Thank heavens for My Fitness Pal for helping me track those calories. Hope I can religously log-in again as I gained lots of pounds now that I have mandatory eating rule with the husband which I secretly like.

We've been resto-hopping for the past year since Jhops transfered here in BGC. The area is becoming a gastronomic haven with new and innovative food establishments here and there, trying to come up with exciting ways to prepare and present food to food lovers and enthusiasts (sige na nga, pati narin "instagrammer's") out there. Because we (ok, I am) sentimental like that, we try to document all our food dates as much as we can. I'm slowly printing each of the pictures making scrapbooks for our future kids to see (and laugh at :p). Beyond that, I feel that these small food dates become our de-stressing from the daily routines of our life. We get to share (more) stories while eating and along the way. It also became somewhat a habit to for us to find unique restos for us to enjoy.

For the month of April, we visited two Japanese restos, both with promising menus.

Wrong Ramen located at the back of my new school in Burgos Circle, caters to  Ramen lovers who are looking for a deviation from the ordinary Ramen flavors. The place is full of of quirky decorations and has this modern vibe with it's black walls and framed pictures. Long tables are usually divided into three using wooden plank dividers to easily accomodate big groups. Though the place is a bit small and "dark". I think that's the vibe they are trying to achieve- a somewhat "pub" feel.


The Tantanmen Ramen was a burst of flavors. Once it's inside your mouth, the different textures of included play a mix that appears to your senses. Lovely taste. But a bit overwhelming after 6 spoonfuls. Goodthing we shared the big bowl. :)

Everything seems to be so good with cheese for me so this tonkatsu is surely a winner.

One downside of this place is that they dont have rice. As an alternative, we ordered fried tofu instead. Ordinary tasting but it served it's purpose.

For dessert, we ordered mochiko ice cream. The mochi was too frozen that time so we didn't get to appreciate so much.

All in all, Wrong Ramen, is a place worth the first try.  Prices are a bit steep though. As for us, I think we'll try another restaurant first before eating here again.

The second Japanese restaurant that we visited is Nihon Bashitei
located along Pasay Road, Makati just beside Dusit Thani and Glorietta. The place looks "old" in terms of facilities but we were soooo happy with the food that this place already became our favorite! 

Since it was lunch time, they have this set menus for only 350php. I fell in love with the colors of this dish and even more in love with the taste.

The set menu also comes with this- salmon! Ang sarap promise! so fresh. The steamed salmon tasted just so right as is, as no artificial flavoring was added.

Jhops ordered their sushi combo that was plated so beautifully in this wooden plank. This costs 350 php also, a steal for a plate this big. Tasted soo good too.

They have small rooms with low Japanese tables to
complete the Jap experience.

We really enjoyed out lunch date here :) I think the place just needed some cleaning and renovation but the food justifies the place. The food is so delicious and we are really coming for
more. :) Worth every single penny :)

We visited quite a few more restos after this for the whole month of May and June :) sharing some of them here soon, too :)

Any more Japanese restos that you can recommend? I would love to read all about them so just drop me a message below :) 

enjoy your weekend :)

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