Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's raining sunshine :)


I started to examine myself more during the holy week and found myself wondering about where I wanna go now and what else should I do in life.

My small lifelong dreams are slowly turning into reality. I got married to a wonderful man, have a job that I enjoy, I get to experience life's perks every now and then and I'm surrounded with people that loves me no matter what. I found myself, saying lots of thank you's during Sunday masses. I stopped wishing and asking and started to just saviour and appreciate everything.  

When I decided to let the sunshine and positivity in my life, blessings started to pour in. I wanted to share this feeling to other people, thus I post random happy quotes in facebook and twitter. I share pictures of things that make me happy- of my teaching experiences, of my love for food, of cute things and of course, of clothes and shoes. From then on, I received a couple of text/facebook messages asking about where we dine, where I bought the shoes, the clothes, the accessories, what course I took in college, what school do I work now, etc.  And I'm more than happy to answer and help out. :) I even get to talk to schoolmates that I had no chance of interacting back then. Some even wanted to become a preschool teacher because they said I make it sound so fun and fulfilling. :))

Sometimes, I also get "Sana pag lumaki na baby ko, kagaya mo maging teacher nya" or "Your smile is contagious" messages. At some point, I have this (yabang) feeling na I move people, that somehow I inspire them to choose happiness, to follow their dreams and make every (big or small) moments count.

Of course, in between those happy moments, are sad ones. The most recent is, me losing our baby. I struggled for days, got teary-eyed just by the sight of a child and became soooo sad that I dont have any energy to say a word. During that moment, I was overwhelmed with the amount of consoling messages we got from friends and family members-some called, some texted, some just gave a hug. 

I got my sunshine back in no time and felt more and more loved. I chose to look ahead and to not dwell on the lose but on the gain- Maybe we are not yet ready, or God is just letting us save more for the baby. I accepted that it's His plan and He knows better. Everything else followed after that.

I guess this can be the goal of this blog- to continue to share what happiness I experience everyday. Maybe someone out there, needed a little cheering up, or someone needs some push, or is looking for a happy place, or a happy pill. I hope they can find even a little of those in here :)

Feel free to share tips and tricks too cause I am no expert and I would be so happy to listen :)

Let's choose happiness then :)