Monday, April 1, 2013

hello summer :)

I can't wait to start blogging my outfits again, and i think the perfect season to start is this- SUMMER:) where all the colors are poppin, flowers and prints blooming and mr. sun shining :)

This is also the first summer after graduation where I dont have work (yet!) so that means more time for vacation and resting and bonding with my new hubby :)))

sharing some pictures from the 4 day holy week break (via instagram) Hope to add more pages to my colorful online fashion/teaching/adventure journal in the days to come :)

Colors poppin (People Are People, green studded flats)

"flower" girls at IHOP

                                                  white and florals for this year's summer peg 
                        (Aldo gold watch with interchangeable straps + lacoste white hobo bag)

boho chic 

hello sunshine :)


Roxanne said...

I missed reading your blog, i love those photos, inggit much on
your aldo watch hihi

iamcolorful said...

thank you roxanne :) I miss reading your blog and getting ukay and shopping ideas from you. :)