Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello and Thank You's :)

just trying out blogging from my phone :p Also im thinking of sharing my "Thank You journal" to you through pictures :) starting of with this week's Thank you's :)

colorful veggie prints

coffee plus cinnamon in a cold morning

flowers on my phone :)

college spirit

socks that talk :p

veggie and fruit day in class

my baby no. 7 is back :)

and of course, new rainbow shoes :)

(via instagram :) follow me: @iamdecano)

Hope this made you smile a little too :)

ohhh and one more thing :) I'M GETTING MARRIED :) that and a lot more in my next "kwento" (story) post :)

Sunny side up!



Anonymous said...

can we talk here? J.

iamcolorful said...


bout what? need to sleep nadin in a while

Anonymous said...

ok. text nalang. goodnight

iamcolorful said...

what about? i can wait pa naman