Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rare Weekday Moment

first photo c/o

Once in a blue moon weeknight dinner at Mister Kebab West Ave.

This is my 2nd time to eat here (first time with cousins and sisters). J wanted something spicy, so the place is perfect. Though the place isn't airconditioned, the cool breeze was enough to make us feel comfortable. We were greeted with their friendly staff and they immediately offered us seats. Ordered Shawarma plate (90 php) and Beryani Rice (40 php) for J. I ordered the Special Beef Chelo Kebab (145 php). The beef loin is sooo good! Love their unlimited garlic/onion sauce (comes in plain and spicy). I also love the fresh vegetables with the beef cutlets. Parang gusto mo na talaga ng pita wrap, shawarmang shawarma na!. We had a great dining experience. Plus the price is reasonable enough (prices ranging from 90-180php per dish) Great choice for our rare weekday dinner together (because we have different lives  schedule during weekdays) 

Did some leather jacket window shopping after. Sayang! my cam's battery died down just when I am about to take outfit shots. But I am excited to show you my fashion thrift finds for our Baguio trip next weekend (insert super dooper excited voice here). 

That will be my much needed vacation (and thinking time)
I really can't wait! :)

Happy weekend again guys, 
<3 iam


Gelianne Alba said...

nakakagutom naman! :)

Xylith said...

See you this weekend. :D

Do you want to do a shoot this weekend?

Roxanne said...

wow! the food really looks yummy!
btw- about the shoes, it's only P299.00 lang! :D

iamcolorful said...

Gian- Game!!

Roxanne- Really? haven't seen one of that in SM north. saang parisian yan? hehe

Gelianne- Thanks for the visit :)