Monday, February 6, 2012

January Happy Pill (s)

Nothing beats the thrill I get from shopping. Since teachers don't get monetary rewards that much, my shopping escapades include the challenge of finding affordable but chic pieces. January is one of the best months to shop for bargains. Almost all the stores are having their clearance sales to give in for new stocks. Some of the items that I've been eyeing since forever are now down to 70% off. Irresistable talaga. Then there goes my addiction to thrift shopping. 150 bucks for a dress? 100 pesos for 3 skirts or blouses? where on earth can you find prices like that in malls? Some items still have tags on them not to mention, unique (because of course, it's 1 pc per item) I'm gonna tell you about my favorite thrift shops and items on my next post.
But for now, here are my "happy pills" for January :)

These super comfy flats are FTW! 2 for 399 :)

baby pink mini-wedge (199php from 995php)

found the perfect belt to match my jellybean shoes :))))

Heart locket ring from Accessorize (Php 135)

Bow Necklace from Terranova (Php 145)

Butterfly necklace from Accessorize (Php 159)
and my much coveted floral sunnies from F21 :)

Can't wait to wear all these. :) 
 What are your bargain finds and bargain places this January? I'll be glad to hear (read) all about them in the comment box below :))


mera said...

oh my where branch did u get the pill flats?? nice haul!!

janyany said...

Super! :-)

iamcolorful said...

Hi mera, I bought them in SM department store in North Edsa :)

Xylith said...

Looking forward to that thrift shop list. Have you seen any shops that cater to the not so girly geeks like me? :P

Vina Yabut said...

Great finds!!! Oh, where did you et the shoesies from?? So nice!! Especially the tortoise one!

If you have time, please join my post birthday blog giveaway at

Thank you :)

iamcolorful said...

@gian -sa thrift shops? assorted naman so there are lots of not too girly stuff to choose from. One of my fave is the one beside jbee east ave along v.luna road. The jollibee that was our meeting place when we went to Anilao. :)

I miss you! let's catch up soon!

iamcolorful said...

@vina - I bought them in SM department store. I think the promo is running till now. :) Will check out your giveaway :) Thanks for checking out my blog.

Christal Kay said...

cute cute cute