Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's the time of the year

where you have an amazing excuse to dress up and be cheesy! :p

 Celebrated V-day my family (yeah, it's kinda a compulsory date so if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, just tag him/her along or make your own pre/post valentine date :p) J and I already had our "couple date" last Sunday and Monday so he wasn't in any of the pictures that I'll be sharing. Although I really can't help but make him something for the day itself (Coz I am sweet and crazy like that :p)

Got the idea from: . I love personalized gifts. :) I made some personal touches and grabbed all the craft materials that I have in my classroom hahaha.

Here is the final product ( I included some of the ten pages. The others are too cheesy, even I cringed when I read it. haha)

Made the cover using a folder cut in 5 by 7 inches. For added dimension, I attached the words and decoration using foam tape

I binder the pictures together using a red string as fastener

printed 4x6 pictures in glossy paper and attached circular number/heart cut-outs using foam tape. I used  my own handwriting on the "reasons" because it adds more drama at the same cost efficient since I will not be printing anymore

So there, I think J liked it (based from his facial expression) hehe. 
Inspired by my little project, I decided to work around a black and red theme for the day. This is what I wore during our family dinner.

dress: thrifted
bangles: Random brand
earrings: landmark
shoes: PRP

We celebrated at Abe Restaurant in Trinoma. It is a serene place located at the 3rd floor dining zone of the mall. Prices are a bit steep but their Filipino food is great. We ordered crickets to make the experience a litthe bit different (It tastes weird at first but A-ok after). Had dessert at DQ and ended the day with a smile on our faces knowing that we have each other's love no matter what. :)


the "crickets"

Ronn and Tricia

Me and Dete

 The boys in red

The girls

Viggo and Auntgil


Ahee! Mom and Dad with Squid Ink. haha

Handsome boy!

with lolly!

DQ after!

Sarap ng maraming nagmamahal! :) 
Belated happy hearts day everyone :)


Wonder Woman said...

You look great! Love your dress and especially your shoes. I didn't dress up for Vday... nor was I cheesy. :(

ur li'l miss sunshine said...

love your outfit and I think you got a very cute family in red.. followed you btw.

Maybe you can visit mine too..

iamcolorful said...

Thank you girls :)

followed everybodyssunshine too :) thanks

Anonymous said...

nice pics :D

iamcolorful said...

@ J the anonymous - let's chat at the chatbox on the right side of the page. Can you see it? hehehe

Anonymous said...

it's being blocked :(

iamcolorful said...

awww okie. :)

CY said...

cute dress! and i love all the food photos! check out my new style blog at when you get a chance!