Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Color Me Happy

Recent events made me a little bit sad (this is my emotionally attach side speaking :p). To cheer myself a little, I gave my lappie her new girly look :p hahaha. Bought laptop decals from CDR-King. The package label says that this will not leave any residue to the laptop surface (I hope so! or else. hmmppp! hahaha). For 100 pesos, this is surely worth a try. I chose this floral/heart somewhat hippie print, but there are lots of other designs to choose from.

So this is how she looks now! CHAAARRRAAAANNNN!

It's glittery too!

bought an equally cute mouse pad. I was tempted to buy the matching mouse and mouse pad set for php 180. But NOOO! I still have a mouse pa naman!

I know, I know, It's too girly, but I need lots of eye candy nowadays. 
And it did serve it's purpose. I feel a little bit cheerful now. :))

Ok, back to my tons of work. I am heading the preschool artfair tomorrow and I still have lots of paperworks to do. So forgive me for my late thrift shop post. Will update you on that soon. In the meantime, enjoy the girly girly laptop photos. :p 

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Gem said...

Ahhh! All this pinkness is so cute! hahaha <3

P.S. thanks for followng my blog! I will return the favor soon ;)