Monday, January 23, 2012

We can dance, until we die...

We are Katy's super fans- We know her songs by heart and can dance through them like a child.

Imagine how excited we were when we found out that she's coming to Manila? We wouldnt miss her concert for the world.

I personally find her very child-like and I (SUPER!!!) adore the candy themed concert. (You know by now that I have this thing about colors right? :p) I love her voice (which is so flawless that we kinda argue if it's live or recorded). Nonetheless, it was WORTH the 2 freakin hours wait.

I love the beach balls/water pump/ and bazooka in the end. I love the breeze that night and most of all, I love the people I watched it with. :)

Till next time, Katy!

P.S. Wearing this pretty red polka dress from H&M which I didnt properly capture in pictures :( I shall make you shine next time then :)


She's so pretty!

Vain shot na kung vain shot! :p

with dete, teri, ronn, ivan, meg, rian, and geneve :)

All smiles after the concert :)))

Wrong move! I jumped and danced wearing my Charles and Keith heels. I ended up walking almost barefooted after the concert

It's almost 12am! Happy happy birthday Viggo! (next post will be about you!)
can you spot me? hahaha changing into my trusty flats (Di ko na talaga kaya! hahaha)



Mara Ente said...

Aaawwwee.. You're really lucky!! Looks like it was a really great concert.. I like your dress by the way.. Very appropriate considering it's a Katy Perry concert.. haha! :)

Kisses! xxx

iamcolorful said...

Thank you :) I really had fun at the concert. Might be selling the dress SOON :) thanks for checking out my blog :)