Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forever a Teacher

I am currently contemplating on a career change in the following months. Not because I dont like to teach anymore but just because I feel that at this time in my life, teaching is already my comfort zone, my line of expertise, my title. I need to get out of it for awhile (with a heavy heart) for me to grow more a little as a person. But everytime I think about it, the more unsure I get. Being with children makes the bad days not so bad, and the happy days, happier. It is impossible to be sad around them. And being the emotional-attached person that I am, deciding whether to leave or not is getting harder as the days go by.

I will surely gonna miss being around these kids. See? only 7 months together and I feel like I've been with them forever :p

first class picture, June 2011

And here they are now (1/20/12)

So the questions still remain. Should I jump? Will I fly?

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