Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas by the beach :) Part 1

Sorry for the uber late post. It was indeed a busy holiday and I am really maximizing my days of vacation before I face lesson plans and activities again. :p

To start of, I spent Christmas with the Decano clan (Dad's side) in a whole new amazing place: CASA VICTORINA in Calatagan Batangas. The place is not only huge but very artsy as well. There are paintings all over the house and lots of fun pieces of furnitures. It's an hour away from Tagaytay so you still feel the cool breeze :)

Me and my sisters and cousins and tita Amy (Tagaytay Stopover)

My handsome Clarkie

When we arrived at the place, all we can all say was "WOW"! We all went gaga over the huge hallways and comfortable nooks.

our fave bed at the second floor veranda overlooking the pool and the beach

There are paintings like these all around the house

We didnt sleep before Noche Buena to prepare for our program. We delightfully indulged over the delicious food right after preparations :)

After Noche Buena, we all gathered in the spacious first floor living room for our program. This year's theme was all techie. It was all fun playing Pinoy Henyo, Make that Pose and Even the classic "bunutan" using all are gadgets. Special Thanks to Kuya Jay for his free Wifi.

We ended the program with gift-giving (with matching Santa Hat on the side :p) and with handsome Clarkie gracing us with his quirky closing remarks. And oh, we had an AVP also of our Christmasses throughout the years. Thank God, I am way over those past looks and hairdos :p

We finished at around 3am but we stayed up until 5 and goofed around with the camera. That and our Christmas outfits on the next post :)
I couldn't think of spending my Christmas any other way. I am loved and blessed with so many things and I felt it more during Christmas :))) Hope you felt the love too.


Jenine S. said...

The pictures spells happiness :) Happy New Year!

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Hello :) Joined the giveaway already :)