Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bubba Lova :)

He is the baby of the family. He's my firsthand experience of being a teacher, the first one I greet when I get home. He kicks like a 7 year old, OC like an adult, and makes all of us laugh with his funny facial expressions.

He was my comfort zone during the days I felt that the world has turn its back on me.

Though he is masungit at times, I still think he is one of the sweetest boy in the world.

And as cliche as this may sound, time really flies so fast. The small boy we were all eager to carry is now 4!

Of course, we can't let this day pass without celebrating his birthday. To satisfy the boys' cravings (Ronn's and Ivan's) we went out for a late dinner at Dad's/Saisaki West Avenue. One of the best eat all you can buffet I've ever tasted. Our celebration was short (but sweet). Bought 4 small cakes for the birthday boy and ended the night with a song c/o the Resto's band.

Now for the Photo dump:

A quick outfit post: I am girly girly most of the time :)

Dress: Mint
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Jellybean

We love you Viggo! We all really really do.

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