Monday, December 19, 2011

3 is better than 1

When I was younger, I wished I was an only child...

simply because If I am, I can have all the attention, all the love and all the toys (haha!)

My sisters and I have small age gaps so I never really enjoyed the luxury of being an only child for a long while eventhough I am the eldest. Growing up, people oftentimes compare us: Physically and Intellectually. Both of them pretty, thin, not to mention graduated valedictorians: in short, I always ended up at the bottom of the list. This didn't do any good with my self-esteem back then. I tend to avoid situations wherein I will have another comparison fest with my sisters.

As years go by (and with a few shining moments of my own), I came to a point than having them means more to me than just a comparison fest and playmates. I get to have instant bestfriends, instant fashion consultants, expandable closet (since we share almost everything) and instant defenders. Yes, we still fight (most of it, I kinda started :p) but I will never ever wish to be an only child anymore.

And oh, as an added bonus, having them means we can play dress up with each other :) Take a look:

So thanks HP for them and for your unending blessings :)))

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